Flight of the Month - this award is decided at the monthly club meeting and recognizes the best flight of a CAHGC member in the preceding month


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January 2012

Posted by CAHGC on Monday, April 30, 2012,
Some excellent XC flights again in January, with big altitude gains and long flights, including a crossing of the Pakhuis Pass (last done in 2009, and previously 20 years before that). 

Flight of the Month went to Steve Pelley for his first thermal flight (a big moment for any soaring pilot). This was an exceptional feat considering it was effectively a low save on a small hill (i.e. very, very tricky). Well done Steve! 

From Steve:
"I headed out to the hill hoping to catch a decent post-fronta...
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December 2011

Posted by CAHGC on Monday, April 30, 2012,
Dec-Jan saw a couple Porterville fly-aways with many long flights over 100km and several pilots breaking their personal bests.  Flight of the Month went to Adam West for a new personal best flight from Dasklip to just short of Van Rhynsdorp. Tracklog can be found here

Derigging near Van Rhynsdorp.

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