This months Flight of the Month goes to Greg Gibson for a nice Rondebossie session. 



 Greg's story:
I arrived at Rondebossie at around 3.30 on Saturday afternoon. The wind was perfect, quite smooth at around 25kmh. I rigged as fast as I could and took off at about 4.00. I played around the hill for about half an hour and was really thirsty so top landed, had a quick drink and took off immediatly. This time I was up for about 1 hour. There was consistent lift with very tight but strong bands of  lift my vario showed 5m/sec up as the strongest and 5m/sec down, which would have been pretty hairy but I had enough height and averaged around 60m ATO going up to 80m at times. My second landing I approched very high and overshot landing and had to take off again which was fun. I didn't get up again enough to do a top landing and it was starting to get a lot more gusty. The wind had dropped but the gusts were still coming through strong and so I decided to land at the bottom landing just near the streamer near the corner. The only fault with the flight was that although it was nice to have it all to myself it would have been nicer if there were a few other guys there too.