Flight of the month goes to Paul Laros for a fantastic, late-afternoon flight to Sneeuberg in Sir Lowry's Pass valley.

From Paul:
I had a wonderful flight at SLP this afternoon. Earlier I had to choose between watching the Bokke against the All Blacks or an afternoon flight. [The Bokke got spanked - Ed.] I am glad that I chose to fly.

I took off at the lower take-off at about 5 pm. The wind was W, but fairly cross on take-off due to the sea breeze affect. I had to wait for a straight cycle but had a good take off and climbed out slowly in very smooth, light lift. The air was the smoothest that I have ever flown in. I pulled the VG on full and left it there for the 1h25m duration of the flight. I headed north and the vario beeped gently like a metronome and indicated an average climb rate of about 0,7 m/s. There was lift way out in front of the ridge.

It was a day for sight seeing. The lift was amply provided and the glider flew itself. It was also a day to play with the glider. On its trip North, the glider climbed steadily and eventually topped out at just over 1600m ASL towards the end of the valley. It was cold, with a minimum temperature of 6 degrees C. At an airspeed of 40 kph this converts to a wind chilled temperature of 1 degree C. My face and lips were numb. I swung past Sneeukop and headed back  South, not loosing any height. At Moordenaarskop I had to burn some altitude to get back below 1200 m to stay out of controlled airspace.

I eventually landed in zero wind at about 18:45, just before sunset, and rerigged in the encroaching darkness. My ever patient wife kindly took me back up the pass to get my car.