Flight of the month went to Adam West for first attempt at the Rondebossie XC challenge (going XC from our training hill). All flights greater than 10km count towards this challenge. Adam managed to sneak in a 10.9km flight in strong SE winds. 

From Adam:
The wind was blowing +40kmh on the hill, but cumulus were popping off to the SW. Thought there might be a chance of catching a ride under one and going XC. 

It was really fun to go over the back, drifting over the fields. It was hard to stay out of the airspace initially, and had to fly in and out of the lift as I was drifting back from the hill. 10kms out I was unzipped and ready to land when I hit a very strong core and thought I might pull of a low save, but flubbed it landed, 10.9km out from the hill, just making a legitimate Rondebossie XC challenge flight :)

One of my most fun per km flights!

Tracklog here: