Learn to fly hang gliders

You grew up dreaming of flying. It is something you have always wanted to do. Dreams of soaring through the clouds, or launching from a mountain top and flying down to the valley below have never left you. Sound familiar?   

For us, flying hang gliders is a realization of that dream. Hang gliders represent the perfect compromise between portability, performance and safety. Hang gliding has been called the "flying-est flying", where pilots use windpower alone to fly to great heights, over vast distances or just float around the local site having fun. 

Hang gliders are incredible aircraft. The current world record for straight-line distance is over 700km. Altitude gains to over 20,000ft have been achieved. All this from a wing that you can fold up and carry on your shoulder!

In Cape Town we are lucky to have some world-class hang gliding sites. Surfing buttery smooth ridge lift along Table Mountain, or climbing in powerful thermals and flying cross-country at Porterville are experiences that await you as a hang glider pilot in the Cape. 

Training begins with students getting the feel for gliders on flat ground, before progressing to small hops on dunes or using a towing system that keeps you a few feet off the ground. 

Once the necessary skills have been developed, students have their first high flights under the supervision of their instructor.

After qualifying with a novice license, pilots will be mentored by more senior pilots from the club as they continue to build up airtime and experience and earn higher license ratings allowing them to fly from more diverse sites.  

Hang gliding schools in South Africa:

Big Sky Hang Gliding, Cape Town - Lennox   083 230 8780

Eagle Encounters, Wilderness - Johan   083 2292919

Gauteng Hang Gliding School- Mike Spike   082 892 3664

Learn to hang glide in Port Elizabeth - with Dirkie's Air

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